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AI & Big Data Solutions

We have a seasoned and diverse team of experts who understand the intricacies of designing, building, training, and deploying Computer Vision, NLP, and Predictive Analytics Models. We also offer services in setting up Big-Data Infrastructure, ML, and Real-Time Stream Processing Pipelines.

AR App Development

AR-powered apps let consumers interact with your products in a more immersive, and interactive, and realistic environment. They can try-on your product in their living room or on their face before buying it! We're pioneering new ways for brands to drive sales by creating innovative AR apps.

UI/UX Design & Development

Our design language is as easy on the eyes as on the brain. Do you want to build a customer-centric website or an app with custom UX/UI that boosts conversions and improves user loyalty? Let our veteran team of UX/UI experts work with you to craft the product of your dreams.

Mobile App Development

Trust our expert developers with your mobile app development needs, and you'll spend less time and energy worrying and stressing about it. We have a proven track record of building many industry-leading mobile apps exceeding one million downloads on both Apple and Google Play markets.

DevOps and MLOps Services

Streamline your software development life cycle through continuous delivery, and operational best practices with our DevOps services. Meanwhile, our MLOps team can help you automate data validation, preprocessing, model training, versioning, and deployment workflows.

Web, PoC, and SaaS Development

We offer a wide range of bespoke software development services, including but not limited to SaaS Products, E-Commerce Stores, Websites, Admin Portals, WebRTC, RTMP, and HLS Video Streaming Applications, Micro-Services, Identity Providers, and any type of Proof of Concepts.

98% of SME, Startup and Scale-Up Clients Recommend Us

 We pride ourselves on our high standards, effective project delivery, and the ability to craft any IT solution
As a result, most of our customers are recurring and recommend us to their colleagues
Anthony Culligan Founder and Product CEO, SETL Ltd, UK

By seamlessly integrating with our internal team, PrimeSens helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees. They are the most reliable and dedicated team we have ever worked with.

Bally Kehal Co-Founder and CTO, Social27 Inc, USA

Their expertise in building enterprise-grade web solutions, AI recommendation engines, and live streaming software helped us thrive as a leading virtual event platform in the world.

Darryl Ware GMSE, REDD Digital Services Pty Ltd, Australia

I've worked with PrimeSens on a bunch of projects across web and mobile and pretty much all the major stacks. So if you are looking for some offshore capacity, need a one-off project, or just some specialized help in a particular web or mobile tech I'd highly recommend that you reach out to them or give me a hoy and I'll happily do an intro.

Martin Geissmann CEO, Econovo LLC. Switzerland

They are experts in Computer Vision and AI. Their excellent collaboration, strong on-boarding methods, reliable deliverables, and responsiveness continue to strengthen our relationship.

Mehdi Bellatig Founder, FranceVerif, France

We enjoyed working with this vendor. They see the big picture and leave no detail untouched. They're very hands-on and highly responsive to feedback. Most importantly, they are all experts in what they are doing.

Matt Bomeisl President/Founder, Prospect Wire, USA

We’ve worked with many companies, and this is by far the best. They are more than just an agency; they are a partner. I admire how swiftly the team could take our vague instructions and turn them into a perfect product.

Alex Vizgard Founder and CEO, Vizgard Ltd, UK

Developers at PrimeSens built the core AI technologies which power up our embedded visual intelligence platforms – FORTIFAI and FORTISKY. I don’t believe some of the bigger providers know what customer service means, but with PrimeSens, it’s one of the absolute strong points.

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    Let AI Grow Your Farm to Increase Crop Volume and Reduce Costs

    Grow your farm with the power of AI! XCore Farm is an AI-powered, innovative greenhouse farming solution optimized for the best yield.


    Agriculture Technology, Smart Farming



    Increase your crop volume by as much as 72%

    Reduce water consumption by up to 53%

    Save not less than 34% on fertilizer and electricity costs

    How AI Doubled the Engagement Rates of a Virtual Event Platform

    Social27, trusted by the Fortune 500, delivers scalable virtual events with live-streaming, video networking, and highly interactive virtual expos.


    Virtual Events



    Event managers found more relevant high-ticket customers

    Session watch times increased as much as 63%

    Almost doubled the engagement rates within the platform

    Handling 6000 Onboardings/sec with a Microservice Architecture

    Kyco’s mission is to take the pressure off household bills, dealing directly with one provider to get a better deal for the end consumers.


    Energy, Insurance, Health


    Australia, Asia-Pacific

    The platform could handle up to 6000 onboardings per second

    Initial release shipped within 3 weeks instead of 3 months

    Streamlined customer onboarding with the CRM integration

    Work with a Team that Customers Consider Co-Founders

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