Let AI Grow Your Farm to Increase Crop Volume and Reduce Costs

About the Product

Grow your farm with the power of AI! XCore Farm is an AI-powered, innovative greenhouse farming solution optimized for the best yield.


Agriculture Technology, Smart Farming



Increase your crop volume by as much as 72%

Reduce water consumption by up to 53%

Save not less than 34% on fertilizer and electricity costs

The Solution

XCore Farm provides automated, full-fledged control to ensure a perfect environment for better and faster growing while saving you money on water, electricity, and fertilizer costs. Its hardware solution is equipped with many sensors to measure environmental factors in the greenhouse, such as the temperature, water flow, light intensity, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the air, and pH levels in the soil. These sensor values are sent to a real-time database for monitoring and AI decision-making purposes. Subsequently, our software utilizes real-time sensor data to predict the plants’ resource demand and autonomously control the water flow, temperature, air circulation, humidity, light intensity, and liquid fertilizer flow.

XCore Farm dashboard consists of several sections: Analytics, System Activity Log, Control Center, Alarm Center, and Settings. The analytics section allows the farm owners to take a peek at the sensor readings and metrics related to resource consumption, soil quality, and crop yield. System Activity Log displays the decisions that AI made to control the environment within the greenhouse. The alarm Center shows urgent notifications that the farm admin needs to see and take manual action. Finally, the Control Center lets the farm admin take over the AI and remotely control the resource supply of each greenhouse cluster.