Handling 6000 Onboardings/sec with a Microservice Architecture


Kyco’s mission is to take the pressure off household bills, dealing directly with one provider to get a better deal for the end consumers.


Energy, Insurance, Health


Australia, Asia-Pacific

The platform could handle up to 6000 onboardings per second

Initial release shipped within 3 weeks instead of 3 months

Streamlined customer onboarding with the CRM integration

the Solution

Kyco is a member-based utility bill negotiation service that helps customers get the lowest rates for their energy, insurance, and health bills. The more members Kyco onboards, the more negotiating power Kyco has to arrange cost-effective and long-term contracts with service providers. Thus, they wanted to ensure our software could scale horizontally with the growing number of subscriptions.

PrimeSens designed and developed Kyco’s backend micro-services, identity provider, databases, customer-facing dashboard, and middleware to bridge the backend with their CRM. The dashboard enables the end consumers to view/edit their accounts, subscribe/unsubscribe to contracts, and track their savings in monthly bills. Moreover, the middleware allows the Kyco account administrators to manage the users, initiate e-mail and SMS campaigns, configure discounts, and pull analytics reports.