Building The World's First IoT-Powered Smart Tank Gauge and Its App


Blue Mountain Co is an Australian company that designs and manufacturers residential and commercial products for rainwater harvesting, gutter mesh, and plumbing applications.


Rainwater Harvesting, Plumbing, Construction


Australia, Asia-Pacific

Earned a solid reputation as an innovative plumbing brand

One-of-a-kind digital experience for rainwater harvesting

2x optimization of after-sales with data-driven maintenance

The Solution

We helped BMCo with their first innovative IoT product, “Tank Gauge Plus.” The device has Bluetooth and Sigfox connectivity for calibration and data logging purposes. We built native, highly-optimized, and feature-rich Android and iOS mobile apps for this project. For example, users could use the mobile app to connect with the tank gauge in Bluetooth to calibrate it and sync its readings. In addition, the software backend pulls and aggregates the meter readings from the Sigfox cloud to showcase metrics such as the tank level progress over time, hourly, daily, and weekly water inflows, outflows, etc.