Interactive Real-Time GIS Maps to Manage Medical Workforce


Healthworks is a leading corporate healthcare solution provider specializing in digital healthcare solutions, corporate health check programs, fitness programs, training programs, consultations, and vaccination programs.


Healthcare Technology


Australia, Asia-Pacific

Established clear deliverable timelines and stayed on point

10x productivity growth of the existing medical staff

Eliminated the need for paper-based staff scheduling

The Solution

PrimeSens designed and developed a software solution for Healthworks. Healthworks software is a web-based admin portal that leverages GIS data to manage live, interactive maps of the supply and demand of the medical workforce. Hospitals and clinics could easily plan their workweek using this software’s live map of staff schedules. As a result, optimized staffing levels increased the quality of care for the patients. Healthworks software has a comprehensive role and permission management system that allows hospitals and clinics to configure customized roles and permissions of the medical staff. For example, a doctor can log in to the Healthworks platform to set his availabilities and view and manage his schedule. At the same time, a hospital administrator can monitor and manage the supply and demand for both clinical and non-clinical staff in interactive maps powered by real-time GIS data updates.

The Healthworks platform eliminates the need for tedious paper-based planning and reduces healthcare costs for hospitals and clinics through a more efficient allocation of medical resources. In addition, it improves scheduling processes, staff utilization, and service levels for all parties involved.