World's First AI-Based Custom Foot Orthotics Manufacturing System


Doc Sols is an Australian-based company predominantly focused on 3D custom foot orthotics manufacturing using state-of-the-art innovative artificial intelligence to interpret foot analysis data.


Healthcare Technology, AI, Computer Vision


Australia, Asia-Pacific

Computer Vision models semi-automated the podiatrist’s job

Doc Sols made the podiatrists 3x more efficient

AI software with an accuracy level of as much as 96%

The Situation

Every foot is different! Diagnosing and designing custom orthotics has never been easier, whether it’s lack of support, creating pain, or improper loading. Thus our client invested in user-friendly technologies to create an interface that enables the clinician to facilitate the scan capture, diagnose and manufacture the required custom foot orthoses.

The Solution

PrimeSens was tasked with building the world’s first AI-based orthotics manufacturing system. We developed the entire software stack for Doc Sols, including the Android app, iOS app, Backend Software, Admin Dashboard, and most importantly, the artificial intelligence software, also known as DSet (Doc Sols eye technology). Digital scanning capture and AI assessment provide triage, progressive treatment, proposal prescription, and custom-tailored STL files to 3D print. DSet uses proprietary deep learning models to semi-automate the job of a podiatrist, and it’s presently going through the patent registration process.